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A healthy mouth is an asset that usually indicates that proper oral hygiene is being maintained. While self-care such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash play a significant role in ensuring your mouth is healthy, regular dental check-ups are just as important.

How often should you visit the dentist?

It is recommended that patients visit their dentists every six months for cleaning and dental examinations. However, scheduling dental visits should be based on each person’s oral health needs. If you have oral health issues or are at greater risk for developing certain conditions, you might need to visit the dentist more often. Below are some reasons you should visit your dentist regularly.

Protect your teeth

Teeth give shape to your face and allow you to chew food properly. Caring for teeth involves brushing and flossing to remove cavity-causing plaque. Being thorough is something you should aim for when practicing oral care. But despite best efforts, some teeth, especially the back molars, are hard to reach.

During a dental exam, the dentist will look for early signs of tooth decay and other issues that may weaken the tooth. The dentist will then administer the appropriate remedies and offer guidance for dealing with the situation. Furthermore, regular cleaning by a trained professional can prevent cavities from developing in the first place and keep your teeth white and your smile bright.

Protect your gums

Similar to teeth, gums require a high level of care and maintenance. Sockets in the gums provide a home for the teeth but can become infected by excessive tartar and plaque buildup. An infection of the gum tissue can cause bleeding and inflammation. If not detected in the early stages, diseases like gingivitis can lead to tooth loss and other issues. Should your dentist find gum-related issues during a regular check-up, they can treat the problem, thus preventing a worsening of the situation. A dentist can also provide tips on improving your oral habits and caring for your gums.

Detect oral cancer

Cancer is not a term people like to hear, but unfortunately, you can contribute to its development through lifestyle choices. In the case of oral cancer, excessive alcohol use, smoking cigarettes, and not brushing your teeth can be contributing factors. Fortunately, oral cancer can be discovered by a dentist during a relatively painless dental exam. Oral cancer in the early stages can be easily treatable, but if left unattended can lead to a myriad of complications.

Check for swelling of the lymph nodes

The lymph nodes are located mostly in the neck and head, with some located under the jaw. Upon examination of the lymph nodes, a dentist can determine if there are abnormalities and whether those abnormalities indicate a health issue. In such a case, your dentist will usually recommend visiting a medical doctor for further assessment and treatment.

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Regular dental appointments should become a part of your routine because oral issues can develop and progress quickly, whether you notice a problem or not.

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